Top 3 jackpot games

Top 3 jackpot games – players’ favourites

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As many slot machines have become electronic and available online, the classic one-armed bandit is becoming a curiosity of the past. Although the basic principles are the same as they have been since the beginning, there is no doubt about what makes certain slot machines popular.

Basically, there are three things that determine how much fun a game is. The first is that it should be easy to play. A game that gets too complicated doesn’t bring in many customers. The second is that the game should be fun. Everything from the ‘game play’ to the graphics and sounds must work really well. The last thing is that the jackpot games should give big payouts and have exciting bonus games with the possibility of even more wins.

Slot machines with jackpot games are more fun

Whether you look for slot machines online or watch commercials for them on TV, you’ll notice that there are a lot of different slot machines. Almost too many. This can make it difficult to judge which jackpot games are worthwhile and fun to play. And which ones aren’t particularly well made, and therefore not so much fun to play.

Rest assured that all online casinos will tell you that they have the most fun jackpot slot machines on the market. That’s a subjective assessment, and only by trying them out can you find out if you agree. What you can see, however, is the payout percentage of each machine. And you can also see how big the bonuses are in each game.

As with so much else, word of mouth is the best method. If a lot of players like a particular type of slot machine, then there’s probably something to it. Players’ favourites are based on the three principles that the game is easy to play, that it is well made and that there are opportunities to win – even when it comes to jackpot games.

There are slot machines with jackpot games, where you win often and can win in many different ways. Here the wins are a little smaller. There are slot machines where you don’t win that often, but when you do win, it’s really big.

Top 3 slot machines with good jackpot games

Top 3 slot machines

Of the many slot machines out there, there are definitely some that stand out. Here, we’ve picked out three different ones, all of which offer both big – and really big – jackpots.

Cosmic Fortune

One of the relatively new jackpot games on the market is Cosmic Fortune, where the universe – as the name suggests – is set in a cosmic universe with a twist of arcade games from the good old days. The Cosmic Fortune slot machine can be played with low stakes. If you hit three lightning bolts or more, you’ll be sent to a free spins round, where you’ll also collect balls for the next bonus game.

If you manage to get the little spaceman to send three balls into the right basket, you’ll get access to another bonus game, where there are five progressive jackpots ranging from around 700 to several hundred thousand dollars. In the jackpot game, you are always awarded 50 balls, and if three of them land in one of the five jackpot baskets, you win a jackpot. There is maximum excitement and unlike other games, there are actually very good chances of reaching the jackpot game.

Millionaire Genie

If you’re into big wins, the Millionaire Genie slot is the one for you. It is a slot machine that is the epitome of the word jackpot game. It has a jackpot that rarely goes below five million – often it’s even bigger. You’re chasing lamp spirits and beautiful princesses, and it’s a game straight out of the Arabian Nights.

Mega Fortune

If you’re chasing a colossal win, head for the Mega Fortune slot from NetEnt. The theme here is the worldly life with luxury symbols like yachts, champagne and gold rings. As well as free spins, you could also be lucky enough to hit three bonus symbols, which will give you access to the jackpot game.

There really is an opportunity to hit the golden years here. Mega Fortune currently holds the record for the largest jackpot payout in history at no less than €17 million. The game is a good example of how progressive jackpots can grow very quickly. The pot increases daily by €60,000. The jackpot is triggered approximately every 70 days, so there is an average of €4.2 million in winnings for the winners.

You can try slot machines for fun

 slot machines for fun

At the vast majority of online casinos, you can try a lot of slot machines for fun. You play for play money, but otherwise the games are just like making a deposit. That way you can try out the many jackpot games and find out if these three are also among your favourites, or if there are others you like better.

Trying them out for free also gives you the chance to try out the different bonus games before you dive in. When you know the rules and methods of a game inside out, it also makes it easier to win.

Because there are so many jackpot games out there, it can be hard to try them all. With player favourites, you can start with the three most popular. They’re a lot of fun to play. They have great graphics. And they even have favorable bonus games. So you don’t have to test the games yourself, but can go straight to the players’ favourite slots and play the very best jackpot games. You might even get lucky and chase one of the many big jackpots.

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