Guide to online slot

Guide to online slot machines

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Slot machines are among the most popular games you’ll find at an online casino. They’re a success story that dates back more than 100 years, and their success is due to the fact that they give you the perfect mix of excitement and luck. Playing slot machines doesn’t require any special skills or strategies, like card games do. On slot machines, everyone has the opportunity to participate – and to win.

At the same time, a lot has happened since the first mechanical slot machine was invented. Over time, the electronic ones became. It’s the kind you can still find in amusement arcades around Denmark. The slot machines you find online are even more technical and sophisticated. They have evolved into exciting and fun computer games that not only offer big wins, but also provide you with hours of entertainment.

At the same time, many different machines have emerged with fun or exciting themes, often spiced up with exciting graphics and a soundtrack to match. The games have become breathtaking, cosy, fun and different. You can play for larger amounts at a time, but you can also play for as little as 10 pennies on some machines. So even a small deposit goes a long way.

Online slot machines all have common features

The first slot machines were all classic one-armed bandits. Here – by pulling the lever on the side – you made the reels spin. Three in a row gave a win, and the symbols determined how big the win was.

Basically, it’s still a common feature of all the slots you can play online. Most, however, have five reels side by side instead of the original three, but the combination possibilities have also been extended to apply across five times five rows. Here, you can get both the right symbols in a row or a minimum number in total across the entire surface.

At the same time, the many slot machines online have different themes. It can be anything from the Wild West, classical antiquity or a journey into space. You can therefore find a slot machine that has the type of bet, win and bonuses that you like best, but you can also find one with a theme that suits you.

At the same time, with all the different combinations, different types of wins are opened up than was the case with the original slot machines. The developers of the many games take great pride in their games having a variety of wins, jackpots of different sizes, progressive jackpots that grow bigger and bigger, free spins and bonus games.

The bonus games vary a lot on the different slots, but here too there are common features. Many bonus games take place in a completely different universe than the classic game. It’s a whole game within the game, and it can be your luck or your skill that determines the win. The better you do, the bigger your win in the form of a multiplier or free spins, for example.

Know the many symbols when playing slots

symbols when playing slots

All slot machines online have a fun and exciting theme, there are great bonus games and you can find big jackpots that keep growing bigger. If you play at an online casino, you’ll find there are lots of slots to try. Many of them you can play in a demo version, where you don’t play for real money. Of course, this also means that you can’t win real prizes. It might still be a good idea to try them out in the demo version, as you can then get to know all the bonus games and find out what the many symbols mean before playing for real money.

All online slot machines have what are called paylines. These lines don’t have to be horizontal, they can be vertical, in zigzags and in fact they can be anywhere on the screen. There are usually between 9 and 30 paylines in a slot machine at an online casino.

In addition to the regular symbols that can win you prizes, slot machines also have built-in wild symbols called Wilds. Like a wild, Wilds can substitute for anything. Wilds therefore become just the symbols you need. Wilds also look different from slot to slot, but they are easy to recognise and usually follow the theme of the game.

The only symbol Wilds cannot be are the so-called Scatters. These are again recognisable symbols in the spirit of the game, but they can do even more than Wilds. Getting scatters anywhere in the game triggers everything from cash prizes, free spins, to multiplying your winnings and accessing one of the many bonus games.

The many symbols look different from game to game, but all slot games have a guide so you can easily see what it is you should be cheering for. All slots have their own symbols of course, and not only does the machine recognise them, you can also expect festive sounds when you hit winning symbols. Something that makes playing even more fun.

Lots of big wins on the slot machines online

All slot machines and slots online have a jackpot. There are many prizes you can win, but the most fun is always hitting the jackpot. It’s bigger than all the other prizes. Of course, it takes luck to hit it, but you could very well be the one who wins the big prize.

On all slots, you can see what the different prizes are from the start. You can also see how big the jackpot is. However, be aware that on some machines you may choose to play for lower amounts each round and your winnings may be correspondingly lower. This will depend on the rules of each machine.

However, a jackpot is always nice to win, but it gets even better if it’s a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot has a minimum amount it starts at, but for every round a player spins on the machine, a small portion is transferred to the jackpot. It will therefore constantly grow and grow until it is triggered. And it can get really big. Slot machines have the advantage that many people can play the same game at the same time, as there will never be a queue for the good machines online. That way, the pool can grow even faster.

The latest is progressive jackpots, which are on a common network. These are machines that still have their individual wins, Wilds, Scatters and bonus games where the progressive jackpot is shared with other slots. It is the network that is shared, and the other machines may well be affiliated with a completely different online casino to the one you are playing at.

The advantage here is that there are even more players spitting into the shared pool. This makes for some staggeringly high jackpots. We’re talking millions here, which can be triggered by you playing the slots you like best and at the casino where you prefer to play.

There are not many progressive jackpots in Denmark that are available on a network, but they certainly exist. You can easily play on one of the slots that can trigger the big win that can change your life.

The one-armed bandit’s bad reputation still lives

 bad reputation still lives

It’s not for nothing that the first slot machine was given the unflattering name ‘one-armed thief’. One arm was the handle that sat on its side. The name ‘thief’s jack’ was due to the fact that the purpose of the machine was to empty the player’s pocket for the benefit of the owner. It’s a name that has stuck ever since – even if slot machines are no longer so thieving.

The first machines had a very low payout percentage. It took a lot of luck – significantly more than today – to win the big prizes. But that didn’t stop people from spinning the reels again and again. The dream of the big win was alive then too.

Since then, there have been rules on payback percentages. All the slot machines you can find at Danish online casinos comply with these rules. This is your assurance that the online casino does not pocket too much money when you and others play. However, the payback percentages vary from machine to machine, but you can always find the specific figures on each machine if you’re curious. You might even be pleasantly surprised to see that the vast majority of machines have a payback percentage of over 95%.

This also means that you have good chances of winning on the slot machines. They’re all pretty much controlled by an IT system, which means that all the symbols are randomly distributed all the time. If you’re lucky, the symbols will be perfectly distributed and you’ll get a win, a bonus game or even the big jackpot.

The best security is therefore that you only play at online casinos with Danish gaming license. You can’t get more security for your games: it’s also a security that goes beyond just the games. At the same time, your personal information is looked after, so you can deposit money into your gaming account safely and encrypted. You’ll also get your winnings paid into your account without any hassle.

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