Yespa Students Visit Sega to Learn How to Start Club

August 28, 20140 Comments

Yespa-Secondary-School-bus-640x350Hi All!!

Following the visit to Yespa School by members of the Sega Anti Ivory Club earlier this month it was agreed that Yespa students come to Sega. As some students from Yespa were motivated and were ready to form their own club in their school, SAIC was prepared to hold a session with them to brainstorm together on the path to form a club. Yesterday the Yespa students came to Sega accompanied by the Second master and the school Bursar.

The following is the report of what transpired yesterday:

1. Total of 28 students being 12 girls and boys 16 came to Sega. The school Second master and Bursar came with them. Sega school provided transport to and from Yespa — Thanks to school administration and Peter the driver.

2. Alice, Meghan and Polly were with me to see things go smoothly and that the objectives of the session were reached. I thank you all for your presence and ideas that helped the day.

3. All SAIC members were present in their t-shirts and they looked fabulous!! The SAIC leaders had written on the board some 5 points that when brainstormed will be pilot to Yespa on how to start their club:


Polly suggested that all students be mixed and in groups and that each group be assigned to brainstorm a topic written above and bring back their findings as a report. Thank you Polly as this idea worked out very positively in two phases: One, all students got the opportunity to mingle and become one body and two, the students from both schools were given an equal task regardless of their prior experience.

After the brainstorming the students came back to the class for report and feedback. Each group reported in front of all the students and that was just awesome!! All the agendas were reported very well and for sure the Yespa students went home with sufficient knowledge on how to start their Anti-Ivory School Club.


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