Thoughts on the first Elephant Awareness Day

August 7, 20120 Comments

Juliette-zoo-protest-EAD-2011I am so glad Elephant Awareness Day was a success! It means so much to me and to all of the elephants that their well being in our world is being given so much attention.

My thought is that because elephants cannot speak up for themselves, it is our job to make their voices heard. Unfortunately these wonderful creatures are being abused and neglected in our care. The life of a captive elephant is so miserable and I hope through things like Elephant Awareness Day, Juliette Speaks, and the many more organizations that stand up for elephants, we can do them justice.

It made me so happy to see so many supporters at the rally, and so many people speaking up for elephants in front of city council. I’m sure if the elephants were aware of it, they would be really glad too.

I’m really excited for even more great ways to spread awareness about elephants coming up! Thanks for the support everyone!


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