The Film: How I Became An Elephant

June 12, 20120 Comments

How I Became an Elephant is a documentary film that-s purpose is to spread awareness and make clear what domesticated elephants must go through to entertain us, and the awful conditions they live in. The film takes place in Thailand in the cities of Bangkok, Surin, and Chiang-Mai. The film sheds light on the lives of street begging elephants, elephants in trekking camps, and elephants performing in shows.

Lek Chailert is featured and interviewed. She is an Asian elephant expert and has devoted her life to making a better life for the elephants in her country. She has a sanctuary called The Elephant Nature Park. This park is 10 acres of open space for the elephants she rescues so that they can live out their lives in the freedom they deserved from the beginning. The elephants at her park receive the best care possible, especially because many of them are in bad condition from their former working lives.

This film is a wake-up call for Western travelers to start taking responsibility for the activities they choose to do on their Asian vacations involving animals. It isn’t worth it to put an elephant through a lifetime of abuse and misery just so we can have a few moments of entertainment on a vacation.

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