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August 16, 20130 Comments

The girls met and heard the song THIS ACHE by Celia Ho. They were moved so much and practiced it!!! They sang it loudly and emotionally. We all felt the powerful words of the song and that we all felt like ELEPHANT MOTHERS!!! I liked the way the girls sang with Celia!!!

We discussed some issues that the club is doing and plans to do:

a.] The movie will be shot tomorrow Saturday 17/8/2013. All the preparations are done and that the actresses are all set and ready for shooting. Meg who is doing some murals at SEGA will help us with the shooting of the movie.

b.] The letter to the president of Tanzania should be written and taken to the state house by the patron. The procedures of how the president will get or reply the letter will be known there at the state house.

c.] The email to the Thai Prime Minister was read and some corrections done. The Patron will send it tomorrow Saturday through email.

d.] The plan to carry out community activities was discussed and the members agreed that the Patron will have to work with the District Game Officer Mr. Jontas and see how to develop a program that SEGA club will engage. The Ministry of Wildlife had established the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in the late 1990s aiming to engage local community that live in wildlife areas to protect as well as benefiting from the wildlife. The idea of the SEGA Anti Ivory Club is to facilitate a trip to one of the WMAs in Morogoro District. JUKUMU–WMA was chosen as a project where the club can work with. This area is bordered with the SELOUS GAME RESERVE which is the world’s largest game reserve. The area has one of the very active WMAs in the country.

I am working on the budget and the plan details before submitting to you. It is a big activity and the media will have to be invited to cover and make the activities known to the people. The girls will have opportunity to see and engage in the WMA activities so as to sharpen their interest and capacity to protect elephants.

Well, it’s my hope that the plan and budget will work out soon!!


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