Tanzania School Club – Field Trip to Mikumi to See Elephants

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mikumi-bus-640x250April 22, 2013

This is to give you all a brief report on the trip to Mikumi Park for the SEGA Anti Ivory Club. The club has 46 members 3 members could not come due to several reasons including sickness. The Director of SEGA Polly and her daughter, Peggy and Alice (Volunteers at SEGA ) also joined us.

We left school at 7:20 am and arrived at Mikumi at 9:30 am.After registration and fee payments, our guider / trainer boarded the bus and the tour started. It was agreed that the training be in terms of the Club members asking their Questions and our guide answer them while guiding us in the park.

elephant-300x180The members had great time to see at close range big and small elephants in their habitat. It was just awesome!! For sure we of the Anti Ivory have learned many things first hand for example we saw a Male elephant eating alone far from his family and our guide explained to us that usually the male adult elephants are solitary as they keep their distance from the females. Also we came to see how female elephants are the leaders of the family. We had time and opportunity to see the way elephant calves were so dependance on adults for many things like where to go, the pace of walking and what to eat.

Other animals that we saw were Zebras, Antelopes, Hippos, Birds and Giraffes. All questions that demanded data in terms of numbers / periods / mechanisms were not answered as the Park treats such information as Classified!! So a simple item like: ”how many elephants were poached last year” could not be answered.

on-the-bus-300x180We had our lunch around 3 pm after the tour. Everybody enjoyed food and drinks and was happy. We left the Park at 3:40 pm and reached SEGA at 5:20 pm. All members and others who went with us were safe and sound and much excited!!

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