Tanzania School Club – Action Plan After Field Trip

May 9, 20130 Comments

mikumi-sign-640x250May 9, 2013

The Sega School Club sat and discussed a number of plans as their activities after their trip to Mikumi Park. I would like to share these with you and welcome your input.

a) The Sega Club will write a letter of congratulations to the President of the United Republic Of Tanzania. The Club feels that the recent move by the Tanzanian government to use Tanzania Peoples’ Defence Force (TPDF) in combatment of Poaching. I am to visit the Regional Commissioner’s Office tomorrow Friday to make some inquiries on how to write a letter to the President.

b) The Sega Club will produce a video-clip explaining / showing the outcomes of Poaching. The girls themselves will act as Elephants and Poachers. The idea is to use the movie to educate rest of the school which is around 100 girls. The video-clip will made by the girls themselves.

c) The Sega Club will make some posters about Poaching and Elephant – issues as a whole. These posters will be posted all over the school. The hope is to bring awareness to the school on Poaching.

d) There is now smooth communication between Sega School Club with the District Land, Natural Resources and Wildlife Officer. The Club wishes that they get audience with him and ask their questions especially those unanswered from Mikumi.

e) Read and discussed a number of Articles sent to us by Tracey Dollan.

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