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tanzania_elephants3Caption from NPR: Tanzania has been identified as the leading exporter of illegal ivory in recent years. An estimated 10,000 elephants are being slaughtered in the country annually. Here, elephants walk in the Serengeti National Reserve in northern Tanzania in 2010. Photo Credit: NPR / Tony Karumba/AFP/Getty Images

Club Members Disturbed to Read That Police Are Involved in Ivory Trade

The members of the Sega Girls School Anti-Ivory Club discussed a disturbing article entitled “Two Tanzanian police officers arrested with jumbo tusks” (see link below) that shines a light on the extent of the poaching crisis in Tanzania.

Excerpts of the Article for Discussion

“The Tanzanian police force said this week that 9 people including 2 police officers were arrested last Sunday in illegal possession of 70 elephant tusks weighing 305 kilograms with an estimated cost of US$600,000 at the current market price.”

“Police said their colleagues who were posted at the notorious Oyster Bay Police station in the Tanzanian capital city of Dar es Salaam, were intercepted during the night hours in a Kisarawe location outside the Dar es Salaam city while transporting the bloody ivory to an unknown destination.”

“The Kisarawe locality neighbors the famous Selous Game Reserve which covers 55,000 square kilometers, making it the biggest wildlife game reserve in Africa.”

“Tanzania has been identified as the leading exporter of bloody ivory in recent years. An estimated 10,000 elephants are gunned down in this African country annually. Conservationists say Tanzania has for years been one of Africa’s worst elephant slaughterhouse.”

Anti-Ivory Club Members Say It’s Time for President to Implement His Plan to Use TPDF

The Sega Girls School Anti-Ivory club members discussed the article and made the following points:

a) It is good that the authorities have come to be aware of how its organs like the police and ministry are engaged in poaching in one way or the other. To the girl members of SEGA Anti Ivory Club this was a good news as it gave the information how bad poaching is in Tanzania.

b) It is high time now to implement what the president said some months ago: Dr. Kikwete had reached the decision that the government will make use of the Tanzania Peoples’ Defense Force (TPDF).

c) The citizens of Tanzania have got a valid reason and platform to discuss the fate of the elephants as its own police force responsible for protecting our natural resources is employing people who are caught with ivory!!!! The girls sees this as an opportunity for the people to talk about how best to defend the elephants.

Learn More

Two Tanzanian police officers arrested with jumbo tusks” by Apolinari Tairo, eTN Correspondent, Tanzania | Jul 30, 2013. PDF version.

Poachers Decimate Tanzania’s Elephant Herds” by John Burnett, October 25, 2012, NPR
You can listen to the 8-minute radio story or read the transcript.


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