Tanzania School Club – Statistics on Poaching presentation

March 14, 20130 Comments


We are so happy that you liked the pictures, the girls are also happy and feel that they have something to do to protect the Elephants.

To put it in summary what was discussed yesterday, here it is:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa.) The girls discussed some pictures brought by Polly which gave information about the rate of Poaching in Tanzania, the pictures were so terrifying to see. Girls got opportunity to discuss the information from the pictures with Polly and April.

b.) The girls had some activities that included solving some Word puzzles and games. The puzzles contains some information about Elephants and Ivory trade.

c.) We had a session to discuss course of action that the members will want to do in the near future. All members were in 4 groups and each had a brief discussion. Lastly, each group shared their resolutions. All of the groups decided that a Trip to either National Park or a village that is close to Elephants habitat. The later will enable them to educate the local people on the Protection of Elephants.

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