School Club Action Plan

It’s fantastic that you want to start a school club. Congratulations! But now what? What’s next? How do you plan meaningful activities for your club that will actually have a tangible impact?

The School Clubs Action Plan will walk you through the steps for starting and growing a successful club. You can do it, one step at a time! 

1. Start a Club2. Get Educated3. Plan for Impact4. Take Action5. Collaborate



  • Start a school club at your school. Get permission from the school.
  • Invite people to join.
  • Hold your first meeting and elect your officers.
  • Have your second meeting and decide what goals your school club would like to achieve.


Week 1: All About Elephants

  • Types of Elephants
  • Geographic Location of Elephants
  • Population Trends of Elephants
  • Endangered Status
  • Elephant Communication
  • Elephant Emotion
  • Elephant Family & Social Life
  • Facts About Elephants

Week 2: All About the Ivory Trade

  • What is the Ivory Trade
  • History of the Ivory Trade
  • Recent History: Banning Ivory Trade & One-Off Sales of Stockpiled Ivory
  • Overview of countries involved in the Ivory Trade
  • What is Being Done by Whom to Stop the Ivory Trade?

Week 3: Country-Specific Topics

  • Supply Countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
  • Demand Countries: China, Philippines
  • Transit Countries: Malaysia,
  • Others: United States, Japan

Week 4: Club Member Educational Activities (to develop deeper club expertise and prepare for Action Plan)

  • Research a topic and deliver a short report to club members
  • Watch videos and discuss
  • Read articles and discuss
  • Conduct a survey of students or community members


  • Create your school club Action Plan designed to result in meaningful, tangible results
  • Create a Plan (Logic Model)
  • The SMART method
  • Start with the end goal in mind and work backwards from there.
  • Establish a way to measure your results: the change between “before” your activity and “after.”


  • Now that you have your Action Plan, it’s time to take action and implement it!
  • Reach out to stakeholders, spread awareness, do the activities you have planned, measure your results
  • Visit the Advocacy Training blogs for lots of ideas.


  • Connect and collaborate with other school clubs in the Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade program
  • Join the School Clubs forum and start a dialogue or ask questions
  • Share your projects with others
  • Pick a sister school in another country and come up with a joint project


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