Video Marathon Credits

We would like to thank the following video producers whose videos are included in the Elephant Awareness Day Video Marathon.

Special thanks to those who created videos especially for the inaugural event:  David and Pam Casselman, Tim Gorski, Will Travers, Elisabeth Cader, Connie English, Aaron Leider, Chase Holiday, Evelyn Connor, and Lydia Muijen.

  1. Female Elephants Rescue A Drowning Baby by karenjohnstonuk
  2. Elephants grieving – BBC wildlife by BBCWorldwide
  3. peta2′s Exclusive Interview With Juliette West by PETATV
  4. Female Elephants Rescue A Drowning Baby by karenjohnstonuk
  5. Elephants grieving – BBC wildlife by BBCWorldwide
  6. Elephant Mourns Loss of Canine Companion: Tarra And Bella, Elephant Sanc… by elephantsanctuarytn
  7. CNN Interviews Elephant Sanctuary CEO About Recent Poachings by elephantsanctuarytn
  8. Elephant mating, fighting & pregnancy – BBC Animals by BBCWorldwide
  9. Attitude the baby elephant by eendjies
  10. Elephants playing and bathing by oheckmann
  11. Elephants Playing in the Water in Cambodia by elephantartaeacp
  12. Lily Tomlin Speaks out for Billy the Elephant!! by Moviemakr
  13. BBC Wildlife – Should Elephants Weep 1/3 by EmberScorpio
  14. elephant Training School by reshbal
  15. Elephant at work by ALAMY
  16. Alec Baldwin: Boycott Circuses That Use Animals by officialpeta
  17. baby Elephant to the Rescue by LindaKukuk
  18. Yes I will! No you won’t! by gardenlady
  19. Shocking Cruelty to Elephants – Vanishing Giants by themikepandeychannel
  20. Ringling Bros. -Elephant Child Abusers-Breaking A baby Elephant by patcuvie
  21. Jorja Fox on Circus Animal Suffering and the Traveling Exotic Animal Pro… by animaldefenders
  22. One day old baby elephant – BBC Animals by BBCWorldwide
  23. A new elephant life by thedswt
  24. Elephants in chains in Ahmedabad Zoo, India (part 1 of 2) by valutube
  25. Elephants in chains in Ahmedabad Zoo, India (part 2 of 2) by valutube
  26. Khum Min the elephant set free (see the chains removed) by RoHetherington
  27. 7 happy elephants have a mud scrub by RoHetherington
  28. elephant attacks with its food and biting its chains.mpg by vikasvikas
  29. Nature (PBS) – Shirley the Elephant (Part 1) by TheNurseJulie
  30. Nature (PBS) – Shirley the Elephant (Part 2) by TheNurseJulie
  31. elephant in chains swinging trunk wildly.mpg by vinodsimplemovies
  32. Stereotypic behavior – Circus elephants by AnimalsFlorida
  33. elephant circus cruelty by megaelectrolyte
  34. Circus Elephant Suffering with the Great British Circus by animaldefenders
  35. Whips, Lies, and Videotape by julie
  36. Elephant herd up close by earthtouch
  37. Elephants take a mud bath by earthtouch
  38. baby elephant needs new family – BBC wildlife by BBCWorldwide
  39. In search of Virgo the elephant – endangered animals – BBC wildlife by BBCWorldwide
  40. How African elephants beat the heat in the desert – BBC wildlife by BBCWorldwide
  41. Namibian elephant memory – extreme animals – BBC wildlife by BBCWorldwide
  42. Science in Action: Extreme Communication by calacademy
  43. Annie the elephant protests by ChannelNews
  44. Elephant Protest at Dumbo Arts Fair by tubaboy
  45. The Truth About Ringling Brothers Circus by officialpeta
  46. No Hollywood ending for Tai & Rosie by animaldefenders
  47. Watching wild elephants in Thailand’s Kui Buri Royal Project Area by GTAEF
  48. The Cost Of Ivory by CBS
  49. Elephant lifting log by hemantbits
  50. The Logging Elephants of India by firecloud
  51. Elephant training abuse (AAA video) in English by wildliferescueTH
  52. ELEPHANT PARADE… 27 ELEPHANTS by menujohn
  53. Shrine Circus June 2009 – lame elephant forced to give rides by rowanmorrison
  54. Circus elephants parade across Manhattan by AlexandrBelikov
  55. Teak Logging With Elephants In Siam 1925 by travelfilmarchive
  56. Chang Beer Elephant Painting by changbeerthailand
  57. Working Elephant of Myanmar by rollindust
  58. Elephant Ride – Victoria Falls by Afrizim
  59. Dulary & Misty’s First Swim of the Season 2012 by elephantsanctuarytn
  60. Working elephants by robertjchen
  61. Elephant Games by SkipBlumberg
  62. Elephants demonstrate traditional logging skills, Chiang Dao, Thailand by Lambonini
  63. Amazing Elephants Painting and Playing Football, the Truth. by elephantnews
  64. baby Elephant tries walking through mud by eveforme
  65. African Elephants in the Wild by ColoradoSands
  66. NYC Ringling Bros & Barnum & Baileys Elephant Parade by fbonomo
  67. Incredible Elephant Car Wash, Wild Life Safari by incrediblefeatures
  68. Cute baby elephants fighting! David Attenborough – BBC wildlife by BBCWorldwide
  69. Cute baby elephants fighting! David Attenborough – BBC wildlife by BBCWorldwide
  70. Long Live The Elephants! by rainforestinfo
  71. Jillian Michaels Protests Ringling Bros. by officialpeta
  72. Elephants in Circuses: Training & Tragedy by officialpeta
  73. Chaining Elephants by BornFreeUSA
  74. Viola of Cole Bros. Circus dragged with bullhook- trumpets in pain 5-24-… by animalcompassionate
  75. Abusive use of a bullhook – Carson & Barnes Circus by AnimalsFlorida
  76. Cruelty to Circus Elephants by SHARKonlineorg
  77. Jumbo freed from circus by SAFEAnimalAdvocacy
  78. Tarra and Bella: A Match Made in Ele-Heaven by elephantsanctuarytn
  79. The Rescue of Kithaka by dswtkenya
  80. Ellen’s Animal Alliance “Billy the Elephant” by ellensanimalalliance
  81. Billy the Elephant at the Los Angeles Zoo displays foot problems. by warrensteinerpr
  82. Elephant chase & capture in Jungle – The Last Migration – Part 1 by themikepandeychannel
  83. Untamed and Uncut – Elephant Rampage in India by AnimalPlanetTV
  84. Untamed and Uncut – Elephant Escape by AnimalPlanetTV
  85. Water for Elephants: KTLA TV: Exclusive Video Of Elephant Abuse. by TheVeganHere
  86. China’s Ivory Trade Pushes Elephants Toward Extinction by MidNightRider
  87. Save the Elephants by mcbenbo
  88. Elephant Sanctuary by inspirationandspirit
  89. Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee by jumpfightgo
  90. Elephant Safari Park Bali – Cruel or Not? by filmmakingfan
  91. Elephants in the Namib desert – Wild Africa – BBC by BBCEarth
  92. Learning to be an elephant in Samburu – Planet Earth Live – BBC One by BBC
  93. A Sleepy Elephant Calf | Wild Kingdom by AnimalPlanetTV
  94. Elephants get pedicures in China by itnnews
  95. baby elephants play by ZSLvideo
  96. The Elephant Lady by timgorski
  97. Asian Elephant Captures by timgorski
  98. Amazing Thailand #11: The Elephant Nature Park by diogok
  99. For the Love of Elephants PART 1- David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by ElephantGirlMarie
  100. Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park by RTWflights
  101. We Must Be The Devil by TheAnimalHolocaust
  102. In His Own Words: A Ringling Elephant Trainer Tells All by officialpeta
  103. Ringling BrosCircus elephant trial by localworldnews
  104. Elephant abuse under the big top at Ringling Brothers circus by ephantsinthewild
  105. Will talking by bornfreefoundation
  106. No Hollywood ending for Tai & Rosie by animaldefenders
  107. Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) – 1 by blesele
  108. Lek, The Elephant Lady (Biography for her presentation to US congress in… by timgorski
  109. Elephants on the Edge (Sneak Peek) by timgorski
  110. The Elephant Lady by timgorski
  111. Tim Gorski EAD Interview by timgorski
  112. Elephants coming up for discussion! -Will Travers, Born Free Foundation CEO by bornfreefoundation
  113. Elephants discussed, Part 1 – Will Travers, CEO Born Free Foundation by bornfreefoundation
  114. Elephants discussed, Part 2 – Will Travers, CEO Born Free Foundation by bornfreefoundation
  115. Helping elephants and people by bornfreefoundation
  116. Stop Circus Suffering, USA by animaldefenders
  117. No Hollywood ending for Tai & Rosie by animaldefenders
  118. Elephants – An introduction to three species loved and endangered by man… by ElephantVoices



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