Elephant Video Marathon 2013

Watch live streaming video from elephantawarenessday at livestream.com

Dear Friends,

In honor of Elephant Awareness Day on August 3, we are running a 24-hour video marathon about elephants.  You can watch the stream, or click on the boxes in the Video Library below the stream to watch videos individually.

  • The Juliette & Friends playlist features video comments made especially for Elephant Awareness Day by my friends and colleagues in elephant welfare.
  • The Elephant Awareness Day playlist features videos from around the world that capture the magnificence of elephants in the wild and the suffering they endure at the hands of humans.
  • You can also watch How I Became An Elephant, the documentary that follows me from Los Angeles to Thailand where I help to rescue an elephant named Ratree.

Elephants suffer terrible abuse and misery so that we can be entertained at circuses and zoos or on tourist elephant rides. If you knew what was going on behind the scenes, we don’t think you would want to support it with your wallet, or to even allow this type of treatment to happen to any creature in our country.

We can make a difference in the lives of these noble animals. Please, in honor of the elephants, watch a few videos!


Juliette West




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