Elephant Awareness Day

Elephant Awareness Day is a day for ALL Los Angeles elephant lovers to come up with ways they can celebrate elephants; promote awareness of the ways in which elephants suffer at zoos, circuses, elephant rides, and parades; and advocate for change.

Elephant Awareness Day was born in June 2012, when, led by Councilman Tony Cardenas, the LA City Council voted to pass a resolution declaring August 3 Elephant Awareness Day in Los Angeles. The Council simultaneously passed a resolution honoring Juliette West for her youth advocacy work on behalf of elephant in Los Angeles.

JulietteSpeaks Elephant Awareness Day activities:

  • JulietteSpeaks runs an online 24-hour elephant video marathon on Elephant Awareness Day.
  • In 2012, Juliette West spoke at an animal rights conference and participated in a City Hall rally and a zoo protest on EAD.
  • In 2013, Juliette partnered with BAFTA to run a free screening of How I Became An Elephant and she and Jorga Fox were present for Q&A and autographs.
  • In 2013, Juliette also wrote a piece called State of the Elephants 2013 and in connection with that, conducted video interviews with leading elephant activists.

You can read (and view) more about Elephant Awareness Day in the blogs and videos below.

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