Public Awareness

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Juliette West, 18, is a full-time high school senior, yet she still finds time to speak publicly about the plight of elephants. She speaks at schools, conferences, film festivals, and other public events. She hopes that other people – youth especially – will speak out on behalf of elephants too.

Promoting Awareness

  • Social Media – Juliette loves to connect with fellow elephant lovers on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Social media is a great way for youth elephant advocates to spread awareness, stay in touch, and build support for their projects.



ringling-200x200Program Goals:
  • Make people in the U.S. and abroad aware of the cruelty inflicted on captive elephants when they are used for our entertainment or labor and on wild elephants when they are slaughtered for ivory, with a resulting change in attitude and behavior.
  • Decrease public support of activities that involve cruelty to elephants (for example zoos, circuses, tourist rides, killing elephants for ivory).
  • Increase public support for activities that do not harm elephants, such as eco-tourism, sanctuary visits, animal-free circuses, and new forms of sustainable livelihoods for people who have depended on using or killing elephants to make their living.
  • Support youth in becoming effective animal advocates by providing them with education and training resources to develop their skills and knowledge.


Elephant Activist_200x200Program Activities:
  • Public speaking by Juliette West at schools, conferences, and public events to promote awareness of elephant welfare issues.
  • Speaking to city council meetings to address animal welfare issues.
  • Media interviews with Juliette West on elephant welfare issues.
  • Offering an online Education & Training section of the JulietteSpeaks website to give youth and animal advocates of all ages the tools they need to succeed.
  • Coordinating a “global youth against the ivory trade” project involving schools in countries engaged in the ivory trade. The goal of project will be for youth to create and implement a “youth action plan” for stopping the ivory trade in their countries and to develop these youth as effective animal advocates and leaders.

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