Elephant Protection

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Juilette advocates for the welfare of captive elephants in zoos, circuses, and tourism and for the protection of wild elephants threatened by the ivory trade.

Program Goals:Ivory-bff-200x200
  • Eliminate the slaughter of elephants for the ivory trade.
  • Eliminate cruel treatment of captive elephants at zoos and circuses and in the tourism industry.
  • Decrease the number of companies that engage in abusive practices toward elephants by shining a light on what they are doing, asking them to stop, and suggesting more humane alternatives (such as ecotourism of wild elephants).
  • Increase the number of elephants that are released to sanctuaries (sanctuaries that adhere to best practices)
  • Increase eco-tourism as a viable alternative to zoos, circuses and elephant trekking both for consumers and businesses.


Program Activities:
  • Elephant-awareness-day-200x200Advocating for the passage of legislation in various cities to protect elephants (such as banning use of bull hooks and travelling elephants).
  • Advocating that country members of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) pass and uphold laws that protect elephants, especially with respect to the sale of ivory across international borders.
  • Reaching out to tourism offenders and educating them about how and why they should change their treatment of elephants. (such as U.S-based tourism companies that send tourists on elephant trekking trips in Thailand that involve harming elephants).
  • Contributing to the purchase of captive elephants and their delivery to sanctuaries.
  • Promoting the development of alternative forms of education, entertainment, and livelihoods that don’t involve harming elephants. (launched but will expand)
  • Advocating for the release of specific “worst case” elephants in zoos or circuses.


Elephant Protection

  • Advocacy Within City – When an elephant issue such as “banning bullhooks” is on a City Council agenda, Juliette will make public comments about how and why the city should act to protect elephants. She was also instrumental in the City of Los Angeles declaring August 3 as Elephant Awareness Day.
  • Sanctuaries – Juliette helped to rescue a working elephant in Thailand and deliver it to a sanctuary in Thailand, a story you can watch in the movie How I Became an Elephant. She also promotes releasing all captive elephants into sanctuaries – especially circus elephant and the critical cases in zoos.


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