JulietteSpeaks has three program areas, summarized below. Please click on the links to visit the program pages  to learn in more detail what Juliette is doing in each program area and how you can do it too!

1) Public Awareness

Elephants suffer in great part due to lack of awareness on the part of human beings. Many people are unaware of the suffering of elephants behind the scenes at circuses, zoos, or tourism treks. If they knew about it, most would choose not to support those activities. Likewise, many people are unaware that purchasing ivory is quickly leading toward the extinction of the African Elephant in the wild.

JulietteSpeaks helps to spread awareness about elephant welfare issues through screenings of the movie How I Became An Elephant; public speaking at schools, film festivals, conferences and public events; interviews in print/online media; spreading the word through social media; and engaging youth in the cause.

2) Youth Leadership

Juliette West has been able to make a major impact in raising awareness about elephant issues, all while being a full-time student in middle school and then high school. She has personally seen how adults are very interested in what youth have to say. As she likes to say, “Never let anyone tell you that because you’re a kid you can’t make a difference!” Juliette believes that youth can play a major role in the solutions to elephant welfare issues and urges them to get involved today!

JulietteSpeaks builds on the successful experiences of Juliette West to provide youth anywhere in the world the tools to develop their own leadership abilities as effective animal advocates. This is accomplished through the school club program, online educational resources, and inspirational talks by Juliette West at schools.

3) Elephant Protection

While raising awareness is critically important, it is not sufficient. There needs to be action taken to actually protect elephants from harm. The first effort may be appeals to the wrongdoer to change. If appeals don’t work, then sometimes the most effective way to protect elephants is through legislation – making it illegal to treat elephants in certain ways within a given jurisdiction (e.g. within Los Angeles).

Juliette West has been part of the successful campaign to ban bullhooks in LA, and part of the ongoing campaign to provide better living conditions for Billy the Elephant in the LA Zoo. JulietteSpeaks helps educate youth and others how they can effectively work to create change in their local communities.

How JulietteSpeaks Makes An Impact

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