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November 6, 20122 Comments

Napa Valley will be abuzz with glitz, glamour and great films for the Napa Valley Film Festival, November 7-11, 2012.

The movie How I Became An Elephant will be featured as a special screening at 10:00 AM on both Saturday and Sunday.  Juliette West will make presentations at four middle schools on Friday, Nov. 9 to help bring awareness to the plight of elephants in zoos and circuses and how kids can make a difference.

Come on out and join us!

Here’s the schedule:

Friday, November 9
Juliette speaks at four schools

  • River Middle School
  • Blue Oak Middle School
  • Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School
  • Cybermill Technology Center

Saturday, November 10 at 10:00 AM
Screening of How I Became An Elephant followed by Q&A
Cameo Cinema 1340 Main Street, St. Helena

Sunday, November 11 at 10:00 AM
Screening of How I Became An Elephant followed by Q&A
500 First Screening Room 500 First Street, Napa



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  1. Christy says:

    Thank you for bringing this film to us. It is horrifying and eye opening, and I have to admit going in that I wasn’t expecting the impact that it actually has. Yes, I cried, it shocked me. Please keep up with this work as your life progresses. I am so happy to see that you have grabbed this issue at such a young age and plan to keep moving toward activism in the future. I can see the huge mountains that must be moved in people and government, just this case with the treatment of elephants, and I congratulate you for beginning to push them, applaud your big progresses and the attention that you are getting. Please never ever give up. You and Lek are both very inspiring.

    Now that I know, I will see where I can help…

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for coming to watch the film Christy. I’m glad you found it eye-opening. It is just terrible what is happening to elephants and we really have to help them! I am now focused on the ivory trade, which is the #1 killer of elephants and is leading them very quickly toward extinction. It’s incredible to imagine that elephants may be gone from our planet unless we do something to stop the slaughter for the ivory trade. One thing you can do is to sign the petition One Million Kids Against Ivory Trade here (for youth under 21): I will be posting more stuff on my website soon. Thanks for helping!

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