JulietteSpeaks Launches “Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade” Program

January 20, 20130 Comments
Photo Credit: Arno & Louise Wildlife

Photo Credit: African Elephants by Arno & Louise Wildlife

We are excited to announce that JulietteSpeaks is launching a new program called Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade. As you know, the ivory trade is flourishing and unless something is done to stop it, the African elephant may go extinct within 10-20 years. Juliette West is reaching out to other youth around the world to get involved and make their voices heard.

First Activity:  Forming “Youth Against the Ivory Trade” School Clubs Around the World

The first activity of the program is to promote and support the formation of Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade school clubs around the world, particularly in countries that are involved with the supply and demand of ivory. We will be reaching out to schools in Asia, Africa and the US.  If you think your school would be interested in participating, please contact us!

We are thrilled that our first school partner has just come on board: the Sega Girls School in Tanzania. Forty five girls joined the club and they just held their first meeting yesterday.

We are now busy creating materials for the school clubs – both educational material as well as suggested activities for the development of a Youth Action Plan. We will also be creating a video.


We will be collaborating with 14-year old youth activist Celia Ho in Hong Kong, who was inspired to take action in her country after reading the National Geographic article Blood Ivory. Stay tuned for more news about what Celia is doing!



Ivory Trade Petition

bloodyivory-250x198We are partnering with BornFree to collect signatures for their Ivory Trade Petition to be presented to country leaders at the CITES meeting in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2013.

If you are under 21, please sign the “youth” version of the petition on the JulietteSpeaks Causes page: Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade Petition.


We are Hiring Volunteers!

The interest in this program is high and things are moving very quickly. We need help on all fronts to make this program interesting, meaningful and impactful for our students participants who are eager to learn and make a difference.  If you have skills, please donate them to the cause of elephants!

Please contact us if you would like to be involved!  You can see the list of volunteer positions here as well as instructions on how to apply:  Be a Volunteer

Stay Tuned

We will be posting more on this exciting new project in the coming days.


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