JulietteSpeaks Applauds Hillary Clinton for Combating Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

September 13, 20120 Comments

Once you have become aware of a dire situation, news about it seems to be everywhere. The sad truths about the killing, poaching, capture, abuse or exploitation of elephants is becoming more evident every day. The horror of the crush treatment of baby elephants, the killing of adults and the decimation of the population, they are almost extinct in Viet Nam is all too visible.

The silver lining of all of this news are the combined voices of many to defend and protect these amazing animals. JulietteSpeaks joins many other wildlife protection agencies in honoring and thanking Ms. Hillary Clinton for using her voice, the power of her position as Secretary of State for the US in calling for a halt to these awful practices.

Secretary Clinton is doing her part:

This past week, she successfully rallied Asian leaders to pledge to ramp up efforts to combat illegal wildlife trafficking by building capacity, expanding enforcement, and increasing cooperation to make sure everyone is working their hardest to protect national security, economic stability, and precious endangered wildlife.

Juliette herself has written to Ms. Clinton, thanking her, and we hope you will join us in doing so as well. It is the power of all of our combined voices that will make the change we want to see.

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