Juliette Talks with Mark Thompson on KFI Radio

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Mark Thompson, Radio Host.

Mark Thompson, Radio Host.

This evening Juliette West spoke with radio host Mark Thompson on KFI Radio 640 AM.  KFI is the #1 radio station in Southern California.

Juliette spoke about the movie How I Became An Elephant and how she got involved.

We’ll post the interview online as soon as it’s available! Thank you Mark Thompson for helping spread awareness about elephants!!

Want to get involved in helping elephants? Support the school clubs program!

Right now Juliette is focused on growing the “Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade” school club program to unite youth across the world in protecting elephants.

Our first school club, the Sega Girls School in Tanzania, visited one of the national parks that has elephants to learn more about elephant protection, and now they are working on creating a video. Read about the Tanzania School Club.

In Hong Kong, Celia Ho is representing youth in spreading the word for Chinese to stop buying ivory. Read about Celia Ho and listen to the beautiful elephant song she created.

We’re also exploring a new video project that would share the voices of youth across countries involved with the ivory trade.

Please contact Juliette through the contact page if you would like to learn more. JulietteSpeaks is currently seeking donors to help grow this important program.

Juliette West Interview on KFI Radio

Here is the audio file for Juliette’s interview. She speaks with Mark Thompson for about 9 minutes. Start listening at 17:50 mins (ends at 27:14 mins.)

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