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One of the most effective ways to get people excited about your cause is to give a speech. It can be in front of your class, during an assembly, or even at a community event. Getting up in front of people can be a scary idea, but if you follow these steps you will be on your way to becoming a pro like Juliette in no time. Your voice is one of your most powerful tools when it comes to expressing your opinion and helping the elephant cause. Start using yours today!

1. Make an Outline
What do you want your audience to take home from your speech? Imagine if they could only tell their parents one key fact from your discussion when they get how – what point would you want it to be? Make an outline of all the things you think are important and interesting for your talk. Do you have a personal story you want to weave into it? Do you have lots of facts you can back you? Write out one or two pages of bullet points to get started. Brainstorm with your family or friends to see if you missed any important parts.

2. Flush Out Your Ideas
Now that you have an idea about what you want to focus on, it’s time to start writing. Start your speech with a personal touch that will get the audience hooked – what got you interested in elephant rescue? Speak from your heart and the rest will fall into place.

3. Practice Enunciating Your Words
As you start writing your speech, practice saying each word out loud. Do you have a tenancy to say the word ‘like’ in between sentences? Do you know how to properly say every word? It’s also important to not rush through your points. Take your time and make sure you enunciate your words so the audience can understand. You don’t want them to walk away without understanding a single word because you were mumbling!

4. Watch Famous Speeches
Go on YouTube and look up some historical speeches (Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy are two good ones to start with). Pay attention to not only what they say, but how they say it – how did they get people to listen? What did they do with their hands during the speech?

5. Practice, Practice, Practice
Do your speech in front of your mirror over and over than do it for friends and family, your pet – everyone! Practice makes perfect and it will get you to feel more comfortable standing in front of people – even if it is just your dog!

6. Try to Memorize As Much as You Can
While it’s okay to have some notecards on hand with key talking points written down, the most effortless looking speeches are the ones where the speaker doesn’t have his or her head buried behind papers. Try to memorize as much of your speech as you can.

7. Have Answers Prepared
At the end of your talk, the floor might be open for questions. Be sure to have some answers ready so you don’t get thrown off with what people ask. Be prepared for anything!

8. Have Fun!
Sure giving a speech in front of people can be nerve-wracking but when you sit back and think of all the good it will do, you’ll start to relax and even have fun! Talking about something you’re passionate about is so much easier than giving a speech on something you’re not into. People will love your enthusiasm and bravery for having the courage to stand up in the first place!

Enjoy your moment in the spotlight!


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