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Executive Director/Fundraiser for JulietteSpeaks

We are seeking an executive director to grow our small startup nonprofit to the next stage. JulietteSpeaks is a nonprofit founded in 2012 by 18-year old Juliette West, star of the award-winning documentary How I Became An Elephant. The organization focuses on elephant welfare and developing youth leaders to be animal advocates. The current focus is the ivory trade and growing our new school clubs program.


  • Program Management – Oversee all programs. Work closely with Juliette and the volunteer who is running the international school clubs program (focused on Asia, Africa, US). Lead the charge for website content development (including ivory trade school club curriculum).  Initiate and manage Juliette’s public speaking engagements at schools and film festivals, and with the media and a possible new internationally based film. Spearhead the annual Elephant Awareness Day event. Liaise with other elephant- and youth-related nonprofits.
  • Administration & Management – Handle nonprofit annual filings, tax filings, and bookkeeping, or hire someone to do this work. Recruit and manage volunteers to assist with all nonprofit functional areas. Work closely with board members to fundraise and grow the organization. Recruit advisory board members. Organize and run board meetings.
  • Fundraising – This is a key role and we are seeking someone with a successful track record in fundraising from major donors. You must fundraise your own salary in 2014, with the assistance of the board. Initially, the job will be unpaid until you raise funds. But the “Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade” school clubs program has already gained a lot of interest and you should be able to raise funds fairly easily. And, initially, you’ll have a great time as a volunteer ED! It’s a fantastic position!


  • Fundraising & Nonprofit Management — Must have at least two years of experience in 1) fundraising AND 2) running a nonprofit or business. Or, two years’ experience in a management role — managing people and developing a product/program/service. We are looking for an entrepreneurial leader type with a can-do attitude who can wear many hats and can manage and motivate virtual volunteers to do the rest. While the board and volunteers you recruit will be there to assist you, you are essentially running the nonprofit on your own and you must be able to lead the way, as opposed to seeking instruction from others.
  • Tech Savvy — You need to be computer and tech savvy, or if not, able to recruit and manage volunteers to do the tech work for you. We use WordPress/Hostgator/GoDaddy for the website, Quickbooks for accounting, Constant Contact for mailings, Givezooks for fundraising, Flickr and Dropbox for online file storage, Livestream for annual online video marathon, dotProject for project management, PayPal and online banking for financial transactions, and Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for social media.
  • Marketing & Media — Skills in marketing, PR and social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter), would be extremely useful for use on a daily or weekly basis. Or, your ability to recruit and manage volunteers to do this work. We want to significantly grow our Facebook activity and bring elephant lovers over to the JulietteSpeaks website Forum for deeper ongoing engagement.


  • Build on the foundation established in 2013 to take JulietteSpeaks to the next level — it is poised for easy traction and expansion!
  • Work with volunteer school club director to bring on at least 10 new school clubs in countries along the ivory trade trail from Africa to Asia (the ivory trade “Gang of Eight” supply/demand/transit countries, plus the U.S.)
  • Finish building out the website Curriculum and Forum as robust resources for school clubs
  • Support the individual school clubs in their activities (guidance and financial support)
  • Set up several speaking engagements for Juliette in Spring/Summer 2014 to tie in with the school clubs program
  • Promote the school clubs through other nonprofits, social media, and print/radio/online media.
  • Raise funds from major individual donors (also possibly foundations)
  • Recruit and manage volunteers as needed for all functional areas
  • Work with board on further developing the activities of the board and advisory board
  • Have an amazing time! This job will change your life and open up new, fascinating, and meaningful vistas working with Juliette and youth around the world on behalf of incredibly charismatic elephants who urgently need help from humans now.


This position can be part-time or full-time. It can easily fill full-time hours, depending on how far you want to grow the organization. It is poised for success in the next phase! The position will be virtual (work from home, telecommuting), with frequency of in-person meetings based on your location. Juliette West is currently based in Los Angeles, but will be going away to college in Sept 2014. Ideally, you would be based in Los Angeles or possibly Juliette’s college town (TBD). SF Bay Area also possible.


Initially the position is volunteer until you raise your salary. But then you can pay yourself a competitive salary! Once you raise funds, you can either work as an independent contractor or coordinate with the board to set up systems and benefits for you to become the nonprofit’s very first employee.  A competitive salary with benefits is 100% possible once you raise the funds, and we’re looking for that enthusiastic, confident, go-getter person who can make this happen! This can be your dream job!


Position is available immediately. Current volunteer ED will provide training during transition.


Please send a cover letter and resume to tamara *at* juliettespeaks.org.  In your cover letter, please clearly spell out your experience that is relevant to the responsibilities and qualifications listed above. Please also tell us about your personal interest in the causes of elephant welfare and youth leadership.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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