We Are Hiring Volunteers!

In connection with our newly launched Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade program, we are seeking to fill many volunteer positions. These are very meaty positions that will give you excellent experience for life fulfillment and your resume. We are happy to provide job references.

To Apply

Please email your resume and a cover note to tamara@juliettespeaks.org. Please tell us what your skills are and how you would like to get involved!

About the Program

As you may have read in the Blood Ivory article in National Geographic or the Elephants Dying in Epic Frenzy as Ivory Fuels Wars and Profits article in The New York Times, the ivory trade has resurged again at such a pace that African elephants may go extinct within 10 years if the killing does not stop.

JulietteSpeaks, founded by 17-year old Juliette West, is launching a new program called Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade.  We are reaching out to schools in the U.S., Asia and Africa to join the project and to start their own school club to discuss how youth can help stop the ivory trade.  We just brought on our first youth collaborators in Tanzania and Hong Kong.

The project is taking off quickly and we need help on all fronts to create meaningful materials and activities for the school clubs.

Currently Available Volunteer Positions

EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS MANAGER – We have drafted an educational curriculum for the school club but we need someone who is a good educational thinker and writer to turn our outline into full-fledged interesting educational materials on the ivory trade. The materials will be tailored slightly for each country. For example, China is a “demand” country, whereas Tanzania is a “supply” country and therefore the issues are somewhat different.

SCHOOL CLUB ACTIVITIES MANAGER – In addition to learning about the ivory trade, we are inviting youth to create and implement “youth action plans” for how youth can help stop the ivory trade in their own countries. We also want to have Skype calls among youth in different countries. We need someone to help us come up with interesting, meaningful, and impactful suggested activities that can help jumpstart the youth in their own brainstorming of what they want to do.

SCHOOLS MANAGER – We need someone to reach out to schools in the US, Asia and Africa to invite them to participate in our Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade project.

CAUSES MANAGER – JulietteSpeaks has a Causes Ivory Trade Petition for which we want to gather as many signatures as possible from youth around the world to present to the world leaders at the CITES meeting in Bangkok in March. We need someone to own the Causes petition and come up with meaningful action to keep the petition fresh. This person will also reach out extensively to other organizations involving youth, animals and the environment so this could tie in with recruiting additional school partners for the school clubs project.

COMMUNITY MANAGER – We need someone who can own our social media efforts. We have a good following but we need someone to help us engage more interactively with our cause supporters in a more meaningful and personal manner. See JulietteSpeaks’ Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, and Twitter.

NEWSLETTER EDITOR – We need someone to own the newsletter – what goes into it, how we create it, and who it goes out to.

PHOTO MANAGER – We need someone to own the JulietteSpeaks Flickr account and help us organize our own photos and our favorited Creative Commons license photos.

YOUTUBE MANAGER – We need someone to own the JulietteSpeaks YouTube account and to help us create playlists and reach out to other like-minded organizations for an upcoming video project.

VIDEO MANAGER – We need someone who can help create either snazzy concept for a video or the video itself, compiled from the school club activities, YouTube and scary charts about the extinction of elephants.

WEBSITE CONTENT MANAGER – We need someone to have a vision for the coolest, most engaging content for the  JulietteSpeaks Blog and Elephant Advocate Curriculum sections and to keep them up to date with our latest activities. We want this person to keep their eyes on the overall vision and not get buried in writing individual blogs. So you would probably manage bloggers rather than be a blogger.

BLOGGERS – We need bloggers to write for the JulietteSpeaks Blog and Youth Leadership section about ivory trade issues, comment on relevant things in the news and write about our ivory trade school club activities.

FUNDRAISING MANAGER – We need one or more people to help us develop our fundraising efforts:  powerpoint presentation to major donors, Givezooks grassroots campaigns, and grant proposals to foundations.

PR MANAGER – We need someone to be on the lookout for media opportunities to promote awareness about the ivory trade. Our founder, 17-year old Juliette West is a polished media pro and can give print, radio or video interviews. Check out Juliette’s Press and Speaking Engagements.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER/WEB DESIGNER – The need for beautiful compelling materials is endless. You can have a field day creating beautiful print and/or web materials for us.  Can be two people: graphic design and web design.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS MANAGER  – We need someone who can scout out and coordinate speaking engagements for our founder, 17-year old Juliette West. She speaks at schools, conferences, rallies, film festivals, and other public events. Check out Juliette’s Press and Speaking Engagements.

OTHER – If your skill set is not listed here but you want to help in some way, please email us to tell us what you’d like to do. We also have a zoo/circus program and an AdoptAnElephant program that you could help with. 

Interested?  Please apply!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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