Top 10 Ways To Help Elephants

1. Get educated on the issues

  • Learn all that you can about elephants. Understanding the full extent of what is happening will help you to take better action and to have the credibility to influence others.
  • Explore the Elephant Advocate Curriculum to learn about the different issues and what you can do to help.
  • Watch elephant videos and documentaries online
  • Talk to others who are working to save elephants and learn what you can from them.

2. Create or sign a petition

  • Create your own petitions and get signatures to enact laws that protect elephants and ban their use for entertainment. You can submit your petitions to Congressmen, Senators and local officials in your area to push for laws to protect elephants.
  • Petition local businesses for signatures and support.

3. Use social media to network and promote

  • Connect with JulietteSpeaks on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
  • Use Facebook and Twitter to post messages about elephant protection and include links to interesting news articles or videos from YouTube. Mix up the messages between cute/fun and serious.
  • Let your Facebook friends know they can watch “How I Became an Elephant” online
  • Blog about elephants on a regular basis.
  • Provide regular “action alerts” on Facebook or Twitter when the circus is in town to promote a boycott on social media

4. Hit the offenders where it hurts: Profits

  • Boycott the circus, zoos, wildlife parks and other sources of “entertainment” that use elephants. Instead, visit sanctuaries where elephants are treated humanely and roam freely in their natural surroundings.
  • Boycott films that use elephants
  • Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Remember that we vote with our dollars.

5. Be a Private Investigator

  • If for some reason you must attend a zoo, circus, or other questionable event, use your investigative skills to pay attention to how the elephants are kept.
  • Be an elephant advocate and document the details of your findings. What are the conditions like? How are the elephants treated?
  • Take pictures on your camera phone or shoot video of any interesting findings. You can use it to create a blog or even your own mini-documentary and post it online to push for change.

6. Reach out to the media

7. Volunteer

  • Volunteer for JulietteSpeaks to help raise awareness and money to protect elephants.

8. Invite Juliette West to screen her elephant movie and talk at your school

  • Educate your fellow students by inviting Juliette West to screen the “How I Became An Elephant” movie, followed by a talk and Q&A.

9. Start a school club

  • If you’re in school, one of the most powerful things you can do is to start a school club oriented around protecting elephants. There is strength in numbers and you can work together to come up with activities that really make an impact.
  • Join the JulietteSpeaks “Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade” school club program.

10. Organize a fundraiser


Other Ways to Get Involved

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