Elephants in Circuses

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Elephants performing at the circus have dazzled and delighted millions of people over many generations. But the sad truth is, elephants at the circus live out their entire lives in misery just so people can have a few moments of entertainment. It is the dark secret of the circus!

Once you learn more, you will probably never want to visit a circus again. Instead, you’ll want to join those protestors outside the circus, whom you may have blissfully ignored in the past.

In this section, you can learn what really goes on with elephants at the circus and then how you can take action to help.

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Juliette’s Activities:  Elephants in Circuses


Public speaking – Juliette speaks at schools and other public events, often in connection with a screening of the movie How I Became An Elephant. She encourages kids to boycott the circus and to explain to their parents why they don’t want to go.

Legislation - Juliette has addressed the Los Angeles City Council and the Anaheim City Council about outlawing the use of bullhooks, which would effectively prevent circuses from coming to town. She also worked with LA Councilman Tony Cardenas to get August 3 set as Elephant Awareness Day in Los Angeles.

Protests – Juliette participates in protests when Ringling Brothers Circus comes to Los Angeles.

Social Media – Juliette uses Facebook and Twitter to invite people to circus protests.

Media – Juliette gives radio and blog interviews to spread awareness about the suffering of elephants in circuses.

Youth Leadership – Juliette set up this website to help people like YOU to become elephant advocates!

Suggested Reading: Elephants in Circuses

Recommended Videos: Elephants in Circuses

Take Action Now: Elephants in Circuses

If a traveling circus like Ringling Bros. comes to your area, that is the best time to spread awareness when people are talking about going to the circus. However, any time of the year is just fine, as the elephants live with the circus year round and are suffering year round. Also, through the power of the internet and media, you can spread awareness even if the circus doesn’t come to your local area. Below are some ideas to get you started.

  • Sign a petition
  • Organize a circus protest
  • Write a blog about the treatment of elephants in the circus
  • Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper
  • If Ringling comes to your city, talk to your City Council about legislation to ban the use of bullhooks
  • Check out the Leadership Training section of JulietteSpeaks for “how to” information on all of the above.

Join the Conversation: Elephants in Circuses Forum

Connect and share ideas with other elephant advocates who are focused on circus activities. Join the Elephants in Circuses Forum.

JulietteSpeaks Blogs: Elephants in Circuses

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