Did You Know This About Elephants?

June 13, 20120 Comments

elephant-trainer-jobs-six-flags-discovery-kingdom-640x223DID YOU KNOW?

UNBEARABLE CONDITIONS: Elephants are kept in horrible conditions. Chained for hours when not performing. During transport elephants are locked in a truck for days at a time. They become mentally unstable and lose their minds.

INHUMANE TREATMENT: Elephants are separated from their mothers at too young of an age and put into intensely abusive training to break their spirit and ensure their obedience to the trainer.

ABUSIVE TRAINING: Elephants are beaten with BULLHOOKS to be tamed, daily. Training is extremely abusive, consisting of repeated hitting with the bullhook, starvation, deprivation of water, are all used to break the animals spirit.

PUBLIC HEALTH DANGER: One in eight captive elephants is infected with tuberculosis. With there being 600 captive elephants in the US, that makes high risks. TB can be spread through the air.

PUBLIC DANGER: Elephants respond to the way they are treated and can snap and inflict violence upon their trainers and innocent bystanders. There have been 35 dangerous incidences since 2000.

KIDS: The best thing for you to do is not go to the circus. By having your parents buy your ticket, you are supporting this abuse to the animals. The elephants are suffering and do not want to be performing. Their trainers abuse them so they can do tricks.

PARENTS: More and more people are becoming aware of the horrible abuse and inhumane treatment the animals at the circus are receiving. Years from now this will be outlawed, so when your kids look back do you want them to say that their parents were ignorant like everyone else and bought them tickets to the circus? Or do you want them to say my parents walked away when no one else did because they knew better?

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