Beautiful song from Elephant Mama to Elephant Baby

August 13, 20130 Comments

This is a gorgeous and heartbreaking song, with lyrics and vocals by our friend, 14-year old Celia Ho in Hong Kong.  It’s about a mother elephant who is about to get poached and she is talking to her baby elephant…

Celia has given her permission to share this widely for the purposes of conservation. So please share it with your elephant networks – and most importantly, with people who may be buying ivory. We need to reach the people who are creating the demand for ivory….

From Celia:

celia-ho-100x125Dear Friend: 

I am Celia Ho, 14, of the Ivory Ban Campaign in Hong Kong. I would like to share something with you.

I have written a song called ‘This Ache’ from a poached elephant mother’s perspective. She tells how poaching and the huge ivory demand had ruined a dream life she and her child originally deserve; and how deep their bond is.

You may use this song for any conservation purposes:) Thanks!

Kind regards,




This Ache

Lyrics and vocals by Celia Ho Yen Kei

Melody from ‘Video Games’, by Lana Del Rey and Justin Parker


Roaming through the woodlands

Feeling the soft sunlight

Dreaming of those days


Loving you my child

And I’ll be watching over you

Though my end comes nearer


They’re coming with their big guns

Grim looks with their cold eyes

Ready for a bloodshed


Run ‘way for your life child

Get ‘way from my side now

My love alone will stand and last


Why’re we suffering this ache?


*1st Chorus*

I cried, I begged, you still go on

Bullets one by one

Hefty dose of grief

Parting tears are all over my face

Have you ever cried one drop for me?

Think of all your loved ones, wake up, wake up!

Set me free!

You faces are impassive over blood

Only for those useless so-called art

You’ll get nothing but a prove of killing

So what’s the point,

Of buying these?


Humming a lullaby

Kissing the pale moonlight

Dreaming of those nights


Missing you my child

Like the stars missing the sun

In the morning sky


They’re getting my tusks out

Holding bloody hands up

Putting their lives at risks as well


Close your weeping eyes child

 Flaming pool’s beside now

Mom’s no longer beautiful


Why’re we suffering this ache?


*1st Chorus again*


*2nd Chorus*

I prayed, I dreamed, to stop this ache

Holding my child tight

We’ll be like those days

When we would whisper in the breeze

Glorify how wondrous bird songs were

Remember how the bees lured us to find where

Flowers were

When you would hook my trunk with a goodnight kiss

Velvet moonlight sought and found us still

Remember how I sang you my slumber-song

Till your eyelids weighed

Can’t this be real?

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