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I grew up on the island nation of Sir-Lanka, a land mass shaped like a tear drop less than a 100 kilometers south east of its giant neighbor, India. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of elephants; through the eyes of a child steeped in an ancient Asian culture, it never occurred to me at the time to question the chains, the mahout, nor the bull hook that incessantly prodded a majestic creature into submission, systematically breaking its will. Such is the power of culture and its overarching sanctions.

Many years later I found myself in the United States, having left a violent and bloody civil war in my country in search of opportunities elsewhere. Living in Hawaii for a long while and working as a software engineer for the observatories on the "white mountain", Mauna Kea, a love for nature which had been submerged by the vagaries of life reemerged to stay.

In time, I found my way to Namibia, in south west Africa for a very short while: working there with a scientist, a group of us helped shape a study of the elephants of the skeleton coast, Truly wild, these creatures roamed the greened banks and beds of the Hoanib and Hoarusib rivers which ran dry in the winters and raged rapids in the humid summer. I recall an enormous bull frequenting our camp site on a moonlit night, its ivory tusks gleaming silver to the glow of a distant lantern, Earth's moon. Vivid in my memory is the terror as well as the sudden recognition of a bewildering and lasting love for a creature caught between its desire to live and the fast mounting odds of a changing world working against that raw reality.

And now, in 2013, the African elephant is fighting the fight of its life for survival. The craving for carved ivory in Asia, and most significantly China is killing these splendid creatures in the thousands. Against this backdrop, I, together with those who blog for JulietteSpeaks raise our voices trumpeting in solidarity, calling for those who hear to raise theirs in unison, so we may together, make a difference.

For a living I work as a software engineer for NASA's SOFIA mission at NASA/Ames in Mountain View, California.

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#SayNoToIvory! Let us be their voice, let us be loud and let us crowd source!

#SayNoToIvory! Let us be their voice, let us be loud and let us crowd source!

March 31, 20135 Comments

Let us be their voice, let us be loud and let us crowd source! Recent brutality against elephants A week or so ago in March 2013, 28 elephants were killed in Cameroon. Following this massacre, yet another unfolded near Chad, where 86 elephants were slaughtered, several amongst them pregnant mothers. The brutality marks the gruesome […]

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