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JulietteSpeaks is friends and partners with several other wonderful organizations that are working to stop the ivory trade. We share educational resources from these organizations with our Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade school club partners. We encourage you to explore these organizations’ websites and to connect with their social media sites.

logo-David-Sheldrick-Wildlife-Trust-100x125David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The DSWT rescues babies elephants that have been orphaned by the ivory trade.  If you want to directly help an elephant that has been traumatised and needs love and support, please consider fostering a baby elephant.  Don’t miss: DSWT baby elephant rescue videos.  Please join and share DSWT’s iWorry | Say No to Ivory campaign.

Stay in touch with DSWT:  Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube


IFAW has a great program called Elephants Never Forget that offers free educational materials about elephants (including a DVD) to schools. You can either download the material online or request hard copies from IFAW.

Stay in touch with IFAW:  Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube


Joyce Poole, Founder of ElephantVoices, is one of Juliette’s earliest mentors. Joyce and her husband Petter Granli work to research and protect elephants in Kenya. Their website provides lots of fun educational resources - Listen to the elephant sounds database! ElephantVoices also has a media campaign called Every Tusk Costs a Life that you are invited to share.

Stay in touch with ElephantVoices:  Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube


Led by CEO Will Travers, BornFree has worked hard to educate country leaders about elephant welfare at the CITES meeting in Bangkok in March 2013.  Please read their Six Actions You Can Take For Elephants and sign their petition.

Stay in touch with BornFree:  UK Website  US Website / Facebook / Twitter  Will Travers Twitter / YouTube

celia-ho-100x125Celia Ho

Celia is an amazing 14-year old elephant advocate in Hong Kong. She is spreading awareness about the ivory trade by engaging schools in a Don’t Buy Ivory poster project. Read Juliette West’s interview with Celia Ho.

Stay in touch with Celia Ho:  Website / Facebook

logo-wwf-100x148World Wildlife Fund

WWF has been a leader in bringing worldwide attention to the ivory trade crisis. WWF has an excellent elephant education section on its website.  You are invited to join and share the WWF Hands Off My Parts campaign and the high-impact 30-second WWF Commericial Against Ivory Trade.

Stay in touch with WWF:  Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

logo-save-the-elephants-1--x93Save the Elephants

Iain Douglas-Hamilton has long been one of the leading voices speaking out to protect elephants.

Stay in touch:  Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube


Of course, please stay in touch with JulietteSpeaks!

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